Would you like your Energy Management Head End System to get richer data faster?>>> Richer: Every bit of information transmitted by the meter, including the device error flags.>>> Faster: Low requirements to your AMR infrastructure removes data delays. And implemented on your server in just a few days.The Payload Extractor server software from DeviceLab is the competitive and affordable alternative to building your own solution.Integrate our server software into our server environment to decrypt and decode telegrams from a wide and growing range of wM-Bus and OMS compliant meters and sensors.

It's time consuming to build decoding support for existing and future meters and sensors on the market.
Let DeviceLab handle telegram decryption and decoding for you, and focus on building the product features that your customers want.
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Payload Extractor
server app

On-prem decoding of your wM-Bus and OMS telegrams, ensuring unbroken data encryption from meter to server.

- Runs within your secure server environment
- Supports all wM-Bus and OMS compliant devices.
- 24/7 operation for fixed network AMR
- Integrated encrypted key store
- Device error flag decoding
- Interface to host via http requests

Payload Collector
desktop app

The Snifferâ„¢ - the indispensable diagnostic tool when your wireless AMR system isn't behaving as expected.

- Runs on your laptop
- Supports all wM-Bus and OMS compliant devices.
- Ad-hoc operation for AMR diagnostics or walk-by reading
- Integrated encrypted key store
- Device error flag decoding
- Win10 app with GUI
- High performance 868 MHz USB receiver included

The wM-bus and OMS standards

We build the Payload Extractor server app to:
- Save you from digesting this 1.000+ page highly technical read.
- Fill the tricky gap between the AMR infrastructure and the main storage.
- To be fast and easy to implement.
- Raise only few and simple requirements to your AMR infrastructure.
- Ensure unbroken encryption all the way from the device to the server.
- Offer "out of the box" support for a wide (and growing) range of wM-bus and OMS compliant meters and sensors.
- Allow you to focus your resources on your headend services.

The automatic meter reading chain.

The Payload Extractor server software by DeviceLab fills the critical gap between your AMR infrastructure and your Head-end system.

Primary link: Most often FSK modulated short range one way radio link, alternatively "OMS over LoRaWan" as announced by LoRa Alliance and OMS Group.
Secondary link: Most often 2G or 4G cellular radio link, alternatively wired ethernet.

Despite wM-Bus and OMS device interoperability, AMR systems are traditionally built with all components from a single vendor to ensure compability.

The Payload Extractor server software decrypts and decodes telegrams from all wM-Bus and OMS compliant devices, allowing you to:
- Freely mix meter types and brands in your AMR system.
- Send readings and data to the headend system(s) you prefer.
- Simplify your AMR - just collect and forward the device datagrams transparently.

How decryption and decoding actually works.

Examples of supported meter and sensor manufacturers

We always work on supporting new meters and sensors - saving you the hassle.
Contact us if you want to get insight into our extensive list of supported devices.
New device on the market? No problem - we'll add it to our device library free of charge.

About DeviceLab

Palle Haderslev - Founder

With a small team of experienced colleagues I founded DeviceLab ApS in 2019, dedicated to solve the time consuming task of decrypting and decoding the raw telegrams transmitted by wM-bus and OMS compliant meters and sensors.
We are offering server and desktop software for device payload extraction, allowing you to assign your R&D resources to features more urgently requested by your customers.

Jakob Skov - IoT Architecture Consultant

Through my long-standing commitment to automatic meter reading, I have developed a particular interest in decrypting and decoding data from meters and sensors. My experience and insights have now manifested in the Payload Extractor server and desktop apps, newly rebuilt on brand new technology stack, pushing the known limits for throughput and scalability.

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